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Want to know how our classes work?

Watch the video below:

At we follow the 4Cs approach to learning (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity) as well as ensuring our pathway doesn’t just meet the computing & coding learning objectives on the UK National Curriculum but also goes beyond.

We strongly believe in diverse representation and therefore our projects cover everything from herbivores, omnivores & carnivores, being eco-friendly and eating healthily to Shakespeare, black heroes and exploring different cultures and traditions from around the world.

Our project-based approach to learning means that children leave feeling accomplished at the end of every session and most importantly they are having too much fun to notice they are learning. We believe learning should be fun, curious and with room for trial & error.

Your child will be appreciated and celebrated for the unique individual they are in our sessions and we welcome them to put their own spin on everything they do with us.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our friendly team before making your booking, please email us at, or click on the live chat button below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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What is coding?

Coding is writing in a programming language that a computer can understand. This will tell the computer to behave in a certain way, to do a certain thing, and to ultimately perform the actions that you want it to.

Essentially, your child would be learning a new language when they learn to code. With technology advancing every year, it is an important skillset for every child to have regardless of what they may go on to do in the future as every sector is becoming more and more reliant on technology.

Why choose for your child’s coding journey?

At, we pride ourselves in taking a child-centred approach to teaching and learning which means your child is always at the heart of what we do.

We bring topics from the UK National Curriculum to life through our project-based learning approach and well-thought-out curriculum to ensure your child is not only being challenged but also having fun.

This ensures that your child can meet their learning goals and they progress effectively in their coding and IT skills.

Every lesson has a particular learning objective and outcome. Your child will leave every session with a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

They will build skills of perseverance and willingness to make mistakes, test, debug and problem solve effectively.

Is only about coding?

No—we don’t just focus on coding. We are committed to helping children establish a healthy relationship with technology while using it positively.

We show children how to end screen time sessions mindfully and come off technology feeling calm and balanced rather than tired and irritable.

Our approach to overcoming screen fatigue is unique and highly praised by both parents and children.

All areas of the UK National Curriculum are covered in our sessions including numeracy, literacy, history, geography, art, languages, music and important PSHE topics such as staying safe online, being eco-friendly as well as diversity and inclusivity.

What Does A Typical Session Look Like?

Each session starts with a chance for students and tutors to catch-up on the week. We believe building rapport and relationships online is just as important as the skill of coding.

Next, the learning objectives are introduced both from the coding perspective as well as the topic for the lesson. Our sessions are cross-curricular which means we will support your child to consolidate their learning from all areas of the UK National Curriculum.

Once the coding session starts, students are engaged in making their projects their own.

By this point (usually halfway), we ensure students have a brain break to ensure we keep their focus and energy up in the session whilst minimising screen fatigue. Students love to guess what the brain break will be in each session!

Then the coding continues as students apply the knowledge they have retained from the first half of the session.

The last 10 minutes is an opportunity for the students to share their projects with each other—they can talk through their ideas and code with their peers which helps to share their knowledge and also receive vital feedback.

Finally, we end our sessions with mindfulness exercises which include deep breathing to re-set the parasympathetic nervous system after a prolonged period of tech use. This ensures students leave a session with their cups full for what they need to take on next!

How will you know where my child should start?

Our free taster is a way for us to assess your child and ensure they are placed at the perfect entry point within our curriculum pathway.

In order to help your child feel confident, we’ll always go for a level easier but rest assured they will quickly progress onto more complex coding sequences once they feel secure.

How will my child’s achievement be recognised?


  • Every half-term you will receive a written report from your child’s tutor explaining how they have been progressing against the learning goals at their level.
  • The report will also include a plan of action on how they will be developed over the remainder of the term.


  • At the end of each level (when they’re ready), students will be nominated for one of our challenge awards where they can showcase their coding and problem-solving skills in a friendly environment.
  • Once successful at completing a challenge—your child will be awarded a certificate which can be shared with their school to show your child’s attainment against the Coding and IT National Curriculum.
  • This will then lead to the next level in our curriculum pathway.

I love what I am hearing, how do I start my child’s coding journey?

That’s easy! Book a FREE taster and one of our friendly Customer Service team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

How much do sessions cost?

Our scheduled classes start from £14 but if you’ve not had the experience, then you can get booked on to a no-obligation FREE TASTER.

Book a free taster here

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount with any additional sibling booking.

Contact us at or message us on +44 7310 039846 for more information on how to go about this.

Please be aware that this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer.

How do I refer my friends and family to

If you wish to refer a friend or family member to then please contact us at or message us on +44 7310 039846, quoting your name.

Do you only offer coding classes?

No—as well as our coding classes we offer holiday camps, private classes, online parties and escape rooms.

Our award-winning tutors take the strain of entertaining with our widest-ever range of coding activities which are inspiring, educating and most of all fun!

What do these activities entail and who are they for?

Holiday Camps

Our online holiday camps are tailored to suit beginner and experienced coders aged between 5–11.

Our new HTML/CSS Intro workshops and our Scratch and Scratch Jr. Games Developer Courses ensure there is something to keep everyone edutained.

For more information and where to book here

Online Parties

We’ve got online coding parties to make it easy for you to keep the birthday child happy and still be able to celebrate with their friends.

Our Steam & Code parties are suitable for ages 5–7 with up to 20 children depending on which package you select (see Escape room parties below for older children).

No special tech required, just access to Zoom

For more information and where to book here.

Escape Rooms (for both children and adults)

We have escapes rooms suited for 8–11 year olds and adults as well!

The Escape Room is filled with a series of unpredictable brainteasers, riddles and challenges in order to unlock the final code within 90 minutes and then escape the room.

It is tailored to your interests and hosted live by our experienced, entertaining quizmasters who will guide your team through your challenges.

Children are amused and entertained with themes such as Harry Potter and Enid Blyton.

This experience is serious fun and escapism: the perfect way to unwind and stay connected.

For more information and where to book here

Private Classes

If your child can’t make it to a code club or may need some extra support, we can arrange a 1:1 home tutoring session for your child and up to five of their friends.

For more information and where to book here

How Do I Set Up A Private Session For A Group Of Friends?

Find 2–3 times that suit you as a group, get in touch with us at or on WhatsApp +44 7310 039846. We’ll check our tutor availability and arrange the rest.

Do You Offer In-Person Sessions?

We are offering a limited number of face to face holiday workshops. You can find them here.

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We use WhatsApp to make life easier for you.

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