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Life lessons from lockdown

As parents grapple with UK lockdown and another homeschool juggle, we share how we tailor our online coding classes to bolster resilience and positivity while managing screen fatigue

Posted on Jan 10, 2021

There’s a good reason that parents and children have called us ​'a beacon of light' in the midst of uncertain times.

Did the latest lockdown announcement make you want to curl up under the covers and just fast forward to a time where things are simpler, safer and more consistent?

As parents who now face at least 6 weeks of home learning while juggling full-time work, we couldn’t empathise more. 

However, the last lockdown taught the team some valuable lessons that helped us not only use our innovation and resilience to survive but actually thrive to make the most of the opportunities that a slower pace of life can bring.

There’s a good reason that parents and children have called us a beacon of light” in the midst of uncertain times.

The problem-solving skills that children learn in our sessions spill over into all areas of their lives and help them navigate even the most uncertain situations with a lot more positivity. Our sessions also provide a fun, safe and engaging way for children to stay connected with their friends online during lockdowns.

We’re not saying it’s all going to be smelling of roses, but here’s how we’re making the lockdown as positive a time as possible for all our MAMA coders.

1. Creating a safe space to connect online

While the last lockdown might have been welcome in the beginning, due to the slower pace it provided, we know that this time around the novelty has certainly worn off. Children are tired of the constantly shifting rules (as we all are!).

While connecting online provides somewhat of a stopgap, there are dangers that come with allowing children to connect online without supervision.

At, we wanted to tackle this by ensuring our sessions allow lots of opportunities for children to connect, share their ideas, feel heard and appreciated for their efforts. That’s why we allow parents to create your very own private coding group of up to 6 children, and it costs the same price as our scheduled classes (with 4 or more children in the class).

This means you can leave your children in the capable and supportive hands of one of our friendly expert Tutors, allowing them to have safe, positive and enriching connections online while you gain peace of mind and get some time back for yourself. Email us at to register interest.

"The problem-solving skills that children learn in our sessions helps them navigate even the most uncertain situations with a lot more positivity."

Problem solving mindset

2. Developing a problem-solving mindset

Our project-based learning approach means that students leave each session feeling accomplished, having used problem solving, logical thinking, trial & error and debugging skills to realise their vision.

As we know, these skills are more vital than ever in our rapidly changing world — and these are the exact skills that we have used ourselves during the last year to adapt to the constant changes and pressures of the COVID pandemic.

We truly believe a problem-solving mindset is key to helping our children feel as in control as possible, despite the situations they find themselves in. It will also help them to see the opportunities and overcome the challenges they face now and in the future.

Learning to end screen sessions calmly and happily is one of the most valuable lessons we teach at!

The secret to ending screen sessions with a smile

3. Providing tools to reduce screen fatigue

Given so much of our lives is now online, it’s hard to avoid the exhaustion and eye strain caused by constant zooming and looking at screens.

That’s why we ensure that we structure our lessons to minimise screen fatigue while providing the learning and connection that children need.

Our sessions include active games to get their heart rate up and brain breaks to improve their focus and retention of knowledge.

We also end our sessions with a wind-down/mindfulness so they leave feeling refreshed and empowered, rather than drained and tired. Learning to end screen sessions calmly and happily is one of the most valuable lessons we teach at!

4. Incorporating Mindfulness

Incorporating mindfulness into our sessions not only helps children reduce their screen fatigue but also helps to support the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn reduces stress and promotes wellbeing while calming down the mind and body.

Given the amount of fight or flight response we are all dealing with right now, we feel it’s important now more than ever to support our children with tools to look after their mental health and wellbeing, not only with us in our sessions but for them to incorporate whenever they need to navigate challenging situations.

5. Faff-free bookings

Our Customer Service team is on hand on WhatsApp or email to help you book your sessions with minimal faff. We understand that 10pm is the new 8pm in lockdown, so we’re on hand when you need us and just a quick message away.

Let us support you and your children throughout this lockdown. Just send us a message to learn more or book via