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Nursery Rhymes Pack

Looking for a fun & easy way to introduce your students to the concepts of coding?

Our Nursery Rhymes pack is a great way to get introduce coding in a way that is familiar, creative, fun and engaging for fingers as little as 3 years old.

What you get in our Nursery Rhymes starter pack — £59.99*:

  • 4 nursery rhyme projects — our starter pack contains the rhymes Twinkle, Twinkle’, 3 Little Ducks’, Wheels on the Bus’ and Old McDonald’
  • Demo video so you can see what the end result should look like
  • Step by step video tutorial for each project to guide you through how to teach the lesson
  • Written lesson plan for each project to use during the lesson

*Please note: prices are for individual schools. For use across multiple schools or in private clubs/​settings please contact us.

How to purchase:

Please e‑mail with the subject Curriculum or Nursery Rhymes Pack for more info, demo/​sample projects and instructions on how to purchase.